The Tormentor (Not to be confused with its battle in the Abyss against Koishi Komeiji) is battled right before entering the Abyss. Defeating it continues the Abyss story-line.


After collecting all four guardian rings, the Outsider and many other Gensokyo inhabitants head into further underground where a cracking seal awaits. Having placed the rings and opening the Abyss, everyone begins to battle the spirits coming from within. The Outsider is ambushed by the Tormentor, but is saved by Toyosatomimi no Miko in the nick of time. With new party members, Reimu, Miko, and Tojiko, the team begins their battle against the Abyss.

Having driven back the eldritch beast, the team flies into the Abyss to confront whatever is down there.


There are two phases, with one being the actual battle.

In the first phase, the Tormentor will cast Subdue on the Outsider, dropping him to 1% of his health, before moving onto the next phase after he is saved.

From this point on in the Abyss, there will be no solo versions of bosses.


Despite having relatively low health compared to other monsters, the Tormentor can be quite dangerous if unprepared.

Action Effect Condition
Eldritch Grasp None Deals Dark damage, and can Paralyze
Subdue 90% HP Inflicts Exhaust (Drops to 1% HP)
Eldritch Stare 70% HP Deals moderate Dark damage, and can inflict Stun and Terror
Charge 50% HP Deals damage to all
Dark Breath 35% HP High Dark damage to all, and can inflict Weakened
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