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Spoiler Warning

Beyond this point are spoilers for the game. There are many events that occur in the story, so be careful. All sections have something related to the story, whether they would be bosses, items, or major story events.

Welcome to The Outsider Who Loved Gensokyo Wiki

A WIP wiki dedicated to Catboyjeremie's game, "The Outsider Who Loved Gensokyo", an RPGMaker game set inside Gensokyo of the Touhou franchise. The game itself is currently under development, but has plenty of content to work with and many hours of gameplay.


Catboyjeremie's YouTube channel can be found here.

His YouTube playlist of the game can be found here.

His Twitch channel can be found here.

His Twitch vods can be found here.

Discord for the game here.

Checklists for the Wiki can be found in the Google Document.


Wiki Checklist

  • Find potential contributors.
  • Work on items listed in the checklists.
  • Add new pages.

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