The Outsider is the character the player controls throughout the entire game. They have a balance of skills ranging from support, healing, and attack. This character cannot be removed from the party, but will not be present under very special circumstances.


Weapon Description Stats and Effects Price
War Fan While this fan may seem harmless, it is very sharp. 28 ATK, 5 PDEF and MDEF 100
Steel Sword A reliable sword that has a very durable and sharp blade. 40 ATK 400
Rapier A sword meant for stabbing the enemy. 50 ATK 500
Iron Knife A simple knife that could be thrown easily. 45 ATK 450
Enchanted Rapier A rather "cool" rapier enchanted with the power of ice. 50 ATK, inflicts Ice damage 1800
Silver Rapier A rapier with a silver blade. 60 ATK 850
Mjolnir This hammer will "shock" your opponents with the power of thunder. 70 ATK 5 MDEF, STR, DEX, and AGI, 10 INT Cannot be sold
Enchanted Blade A sword that has been enhanced with magic. 68 ATK, 5 DEX, 10 INT 850
Precieuse A beautiful sword that was named by it's owner, Baligant, the Saracen king 85 ATK, 5 MDEF, 8 STR, 10 DEX and AGI Cannot be sold
Wood Sword A sword made of wood. Not particularly suited for combat. 20 ATK 50
Hrunting A magical sword given to Beowulf by Unferth. It's blade is coated with venom. 95 ATK, 5 PDEF, MDEF, STR, DEX, and AGI, 10 INT Cannot be sold
Gleipnir The binding that is said to hold the mighty wolf Fenrir. Thin but might work as whip. 105 ATK, 5 PDEF, MDEF, STR, and INT, 10 DEX and AGI Cannot be sold
Tengu Fan A surprisingly heavy fan that tengu are able to wield with great ease. 88 ATK, 5 DEX and AGI Cannot be sold
Pickaxe A pickaxe with a very pointy edge. 90 ATK, key item Cannot be sold
Muramasa A powerful blade that thirsts for blood. Inflicts Dark damage and may inflict Wound. 105 ATK, 15 DEX and AGI, inflicts Dark damage Cannot be sold
Joyeuse Joyeuse is the name tradition attributed to Charlemagne's personal sword. (Light) 120 ATK, 5 PDEF, 10 MDEF, STR, AGI, and INT, 15 DEX, inflicts Light damage Cannot be sold
Dragon's Tooth Planting it won't grow warriors but it's still a powerful weapon. Inflicts fire damage. 125 ATK, 10 PDEF, DEX, AGI, and INT, 5 MDEF, 15 STR Cannot be sold
Book of Thoth A book written by Thoth, the Egyptian god of writing and knowledge. Inflicts Earth damage. 100 ATK, 30 MDEF, 15 STR, 45 INT, inflicts Earth damage Cannot be sold
Trident of Poseidon The trident that apparently belonged to Poseidon. 130 ATK, 20 MDEF, STR, and DEX, 10 INT, inflicts Water damage Cannot be sold
Extravagant Fan A fan covered with impressive decoration and made with precious materials. 125 ATK, 10 PDEF, MDEF, DEX, and INT 7000
Glowing Saber Apparently has an advantage over certain opponents. May inflict DEF down. 125 ATK, 10 PDEF, MDEF, and AGI, 5 DEX, can lower DEF 10000
Green Dragon Crescent Blade A legendary polearm covered by a layer of frozen blood. Deals ice damage and may inflict Wound. 140 ATK, 10 PDEF, 15 MDEF and STR, 5 DEX and AGI, can inflict Wound Cannot be sold
Galatine The shadow of Excalibur's light. Given to Gawain by the Lady of the Lake. Inflicts Light damage. 145 ATK, 10 PDEF, MDEF, STR, and DEX, 5 AGI and INT Cannot be sold
Houyi's Bow This bow was used by a god of archery who shot down several suns. A sore subject for some folks... 135 ATK, 5 PDEF and MDEF, 10 STR and AGI, 40 DEX, 25 INT, can inflict Weakened and/or Wound Cannot be sold
Rod of Asclepius A serpent-entwined rod wielded by Asclepius, a deity associated with healing and medicine 115 ATK, 10 PDEF, 43 MDEF, 5 Str and DEX, 25 AGI, 38 INT, can inflict Weight Cannot be sold
Caduceus The staff carried by Hermes. Represents astrology, alchemy, and astronomy among other things 105 ATK, 5 PDEF, STR and AGI, 33 MDEF, 46 INT, can inflict Sleep Cannot be sold
Jarngreipr The iron gloves of Thor that were required to wield Mjolnir. You can punch stuff with them though! 150 ATK, 15 PDEF, MDEF, and AGI, 25 STR, 20 DEX, can inflict Stun Cannot be sold
Hephaestus Labrys Used by Hephaestus to split open the head of a certain famous god. Ouch. 150 ATK, 30 PDEF, 25 STR, 5 DEX, -25 AGI, can inflict Confuse Cannot be sold
Excalibur The legendary sword of King Arthur. A powerful light surrounds the blade. Inflicts Light damage. 155 ATK, 20 PDEF, MDEF, and STR, 10 DEX and AGI, 15 INT, inflicts Light damage Cannot be sold
Gungnir The mighty spear of the king of the Æsir. Inflicts Light damage. 140 ATK, 10 PDEF, MDEF, and STR, 5 DEX, AGI, and INT, inflicts Light damage Cannot be sold
Dark (Fake) Seven Stars Sword A sword someone commissioned to a karakasa-obake. A dark mockery of the Seven-Star Sword. 150 ATK, 40 STR Cannot be sold
Death's Scythe A scythe said to belong to the Grim Reaper. Inflicts Dark damage and may inflict Instant KO. 160 ATK, 25 STR & DEX, -25 AGI & INT Cannot be sold
Merlin's Staff A staff that belonged to a powerful wizard. May inflict INT Down and Weakened on enemies. 100 ATK, 20 MDEF, -10 STR & DEX, -5 AGI, 55 INT Cannot be sold
Cold Iron Gauntlet A gauntlet made of iron able to repel dangerous forces. Deals Light & Star DMG and may inflict Stun. 160 ATK, 10 PDEF, 15 MDEF, 20 STR, 10 DEX, 10 AGI, 15 INT Cannot be sold
Eye of Balor An eye said to have belonged to a powerful Fomorian. Inflicts Fire damage and Weakened. 145 ATK, 10 PDEF & AGI, 25 MDEF, 40 STR, 20 DEX, 30 INT Cannot be sold
Tizona One of the swords once carried by El Cid. Inflicts Terror on unworthy opponents. 155 ATK, 15 PDEF, 20 MDEF, 30 STR, 10 DEX, 5 AGI & INT Cannot be sold
Relic Sutra Scroll An ancient scroll that was believed to be lost. Inflicts Confusion and Weakened. 120 ATK, 35 MDEF, 60 INT Cannot be sold
Artemis Bow The bow of a goddess of the hunt and the Moon. Deals Star damage and AGI Down (works on bosses). 150 ATK, 20 MDEF, STR & AGI, 50 DEX, 35 INT Cannot be sold
Dragon Claw A claw that once belonged to a dragon. Inflicts Stun and Wound. 165 ATK, 5 PDEF & MDEF, 20 STR, 10 DEX & AGI Cannot be sold
Apollo's Lyre The lyre of an important Greek god. Inflicts Star Damage and Charm. 160 ATK, 25 MDEF & DEX, 10 STR, 15 AGI, 45 INT Cannot be sold
Masamune An exquisite blade crafted by a legendary swordsmith. Inflicts Wounded, AGI Down and DEX Down. 160 ATK, 20 STR, DEX & AGI Cannot be sold


The Outsider has various skills throughout the game. Skills with no level requirement have to be obtained in another way.

Skill Level Unlocked SP Cost Element Description
Miracle - 6 N/A Removes negative status effects.
Tackle 5 8 None Low damage with chance of inflicting stun. (Ineffective on most bosses)
Mock 10 12 N/A Reduces the defenses of the enemy to 90%. Effective on bosses.
Relaxation 15 20 Heal Restores a tiny amount of HP while also removing Berserk & Terror.
Call Thunder - 24 Thunder Call a powerful thunderbolt from the sky.
Stellar Light - 28 Light A fierce strike that has the power of a star that grows brighter. Inflicts light damage.
Rally 20 34 Heal Restores a small amount of health for the entire party and also removes Terror.
Stray Danmaku - 35 Danmaku Not too impressive but they'll somehow never see it coming. Deals Danmaku damage.
Accumulate 25 40 N/A Increases STR to 110%
Determination 30 50 N/A Helps a party member to regain consciousness.
Venom - 25 N/A Inflicts Venom on an enemy.
Aegis - 30 N/A Grants 125% physical and magical defense to the user.
Bind - 30 N/A Disables an enemy.
Heroic Stand 35 150 N/A Resistance to all elements and defenses skyrockets but offensive power reaches 0% for 1 turn.
Greater Miracle - 70 N/A Removes negative status effects from all party members.
Cosmic Blast - 59 Light A cosmic explosion unleashed by Joyeuse's power. Inflicts Light damage and Blind.
Fervor 45 55 N/A Increases the AGI of all party members to 115% and removes Terror.
Fire Breath - 59 Fire A powerful stream of fire that engulfs an enemy. May inflict INT down.
Maelstrom - 75 Water A powerful water attack that can overwhelm enemies. May inflict Knockout or STR Down.
Optimism 60 61 Heal Restores a small amount of health for the entire party and also removes Terror.
Mend - 65 N/A Heals a party member while removing Wound.
Stellar Flash - 58 Star Unleashes the light of Excalibur in the form of a star. Inflicts Star damage, Blind and Weaknened.

Skills Obtained Through Other Means

Skill Unlocked by
Miracle Speaking to Rinnosuke for the first time
Call Thunder Obtaining Mjolnir at Misty Lake
Stellar Light Obtaining Precieuse at Lower Youkai Mountain
Venom Choosing Hrunting in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost
Aegis Choosing Aegis in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost
Stray Danmaku Fighting with Nitori Kawashiro at Middle Youkai Mountain

for the second time

Bind Obtaining Gleipnir at Road to Moriya Shrine/Tengu Village
Greater Miracle Giving Kogasa 3 Gold Bars and paying 25,000 Yen.
Cosmic Blast Obtaining Joyeuse at the Former Capital
Fire Breath Obtaining Dragon Tooth in Yukari's Maze
Maelstrom Defeating the Water Guardian in the Abyss
Mend Obtaining Rod of Asclepius in the Snowflake Galaxy
Stellar Flash Obtaining Excalibur in the Snowflake Galaxy
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