Accessed from the end of the Ice Tunnel. Letty can be recruited after clearing the Snowflake Galaxy and her boss fight.


Heading South leads to Ice Tunnel.

To gain access to Snowflake Galaxy, the player needs to first talk to Letty. Her location is marked with a blue star. A boundary portal is located in the room before encountering her. Afterwards, the player needs to talk to Eirin located in Eientei. Lastly, head to the northeast end of the map to enter it. However, after that area is cleared, the player cannot return there, nor they can leave until the area is cleared as warned by the game (the game also warns that enemies are ranged on level 60 and beyond).

Treasure Chests

Chest # Items
1 Yuki-onna Doll
2 Seed of Mana
3 Sweet Potato Perfume x2
4 2500 Yen

Boss Encounters

Letty Whiterock (Clear Snowflake Galaxy to trigger)


Snowy Youkai Mountain Final-0

Used gray overlay for understanding of the map.

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