The Scarlet Devil Mansion is beyond Misty Lake and leads to the access to numerous areas after completing its first story arc. There are multiple areas that can be accessed in different parts of the mansion, such as Voile, the Great Library, both West and East Halls, the Clock Tower, and the Basement. Each will have a separate page. Remilia Scarlet and Sakuya Izayoi can be recruited here.

The SDM's mechanic is the interaction of different objects such as pots, tea kettles, bookshelves, and cabinets for healing or looting. Not everything has an item.


Red dots on the map lead to either the SDM West Hall or SDM East Hall.

The blue dot leads to the Basement.

The purple dots lead to Voile, the Great Library.

Treasure Chests

There are 17 treasure chests and locations for different items. Chest # will include these locations.

Some items may require a key found in other part of the mansion, or from the mansion's crew.

Chest # Item
1 Seed of Knowledge
2 Pear
3 Silver Staff
4 Dream Pill
5 Magic Pendant
6 Seed of Life
7 Two Chests, Both Empty
8 Pocket Watch
9 Delicious Pudding
10 Master Bedroom Key
11 Purple Ring
12 Pork Dumpling
13 Sakuya Key
14 Taiyaki
15 3F Key
16 Pearl Wand
17 Taiyaki


Scarlet Devil Mansion Final

Boss Encounters


There are 3 enemies.

Action Condition Effect
Defend None Halves damage taken for a turn
Little Star 50% HP Deals damage
Big Star 35% HP Deals moderate damage

Action Condition Effect
Slow 75% HP Lowers AGI
Sharp Tongue 50% HP Low damage, but can lower DEF
Darkness 40% HP Inflicts Dark damage, and Blindness

Action Condition Effect
Agility Aura 75% HP Raises AGI to 110%
Blindness 75% HP Inflicts Blindness

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