The possible descendant of Vlad Tepes, Remilia Scarlet is a recruitable character and boss fight. Her main role is a damage dealer.


After defeating Remilia in the Clock Tower Basement, both she and Flandre Scarlet will be recruitable.


Weapon Description Stats and Effects Price
Naginata A pole weapon used by the samurai class of feudal Japan. 115 ATK 5000
Trident of Poseidon The trident that apparently belonged to Poseidon. 130 ATK, 20 MDEF, STR, and DEX, 10 INT, inflicts Water damage Cannot be sold
Green Dragon Crescent Blade A legendary polearm covered by a layer of frozen blood. Deals ice damage and may inflict Wound. 140 ATK, 10 PDEF, 15 MDEF and STR, 5 DEX and AGI, can inflict Wound Cannot be sold
Gungnir The mighty spear of the king of the Æsir. Inflicts Light damage. 140 ATK, 10 PDEF, MDEF, and STR, 5 DEX, AGI, and INT, inflicts Light damage Cannot be sold
Remilia's Spear A spearlike aura that Remilia is able to wield at will. 120 ATK, 5 PDEF, STR, DEX, AGI, and INT, 10 MDEF Cannot be sold


Skill Level Unlocked SP Cost Element Description
Vampire Claw - 33 None Remilia strikes her enemy with her nails. Inflicts Wound.
Trickster Dance - 44 None Remilia swings by her enemy and hits them twice. More powerful with DEX buffs. Inflicts wounds.
Scarlet Sign "Crimson Cross" - 50 None Remilia slashes her enemy, using a cross pattern. Inflicts wound and weakened.
Vampire Kiss - 61 None Remilia bites an enemy. Inflicts wound, weakened and charm.
Scarlet Sign "Crimson Blaze" - 65 None A red aura that burns away the targeted area.
Scarlet Dance - 67 None Remilia's vampire traits enhances her DEX and AGI. Removes Venom and Wound.
Critical "Heart Break" 55 72 None Remilia unleashes a spearlike aura attack. More powerful with DEX buffs. Inflicts Stun and Terror.
Divine Spear "Spear the Gungnir' 58 84 None Remilia unleashes a massive spearlike aura attack that hits all enemies. Inflicts Weakened.
Destiny "Fate Moment" 60 101 Star Fate changes the pacing of the fight. In reality, an enemy is inflicted by status effects. (Star)
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