The librarian of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Patchouli Knowledge, is a Boss and recruitable character first met at the Field Cave, a cave which can be found next to the road that goes to the Garden of the Sun. Once you talk to her for the first time, the Mineral Dispute event will be triggered just before her Boss fight. Patchouli's high number of attacks and associated elements make her an excellent magic damage dealer, also having some skills that affect the enemy's stats.


Patchouli will be recruitable after showing her the book "Scarlet History", found at the SDM West Hall.


Weapon Description Stats and Effects Price
Magic Book A magic book that increases the magic power of Patchouli. Can only be used by her. 50 ATK, 25 INT Cannot be sold
Tornado Tome A heavy book imbued with the power of wind. 70 ATK, 20 MDEF, 10 AGI, 30 INT 2500
Book of Thoth A book written by Thoth, the Egyptian god of writing and knowledge. Inflicts Earth damage. 100 ATK, 30 MDEF, 15 STR, 45 INT, inflicts Earth damage Cannot be sold
Caduceus The staff carried by Hermes. Represents astrology, alchemy, and astronomy among other things 105 ATK, 5 PDEF, STR and AGI, 33 MDEF, 46 INT, can inflict Sleep Cannot be sold


Skill Level Unlocked SP Cost Element Description
Bubble Crush - 12 Water Deals Water damage to one enemy.
Stone - 15 Earth Deals Earth damage to one enemy.
Weaken Mind - 16 N/A Down INT of one enemy.
Wind Blade - 20 Wind Deals Wind damage to one enemy.
Delay - 25 N/A Down AGI of one enemy.
Trilithon Shake - 33 Earth Patchouli raises the earth, harming all enemies.
Speed Of The Turtle - 30 N/A Down AGI of all enemies.
Birdbrained - 30 N/A Down INT of all enemies.
Agni Shine - 31 Fire Destroy the enemy with a deadly flame.
Stone Press 23 39 Earth Crushes the enemy between two large stones that shatters upon contact.
Concentration 25 35 N/A Increases Patchouli's intelligence to 125%.
Flame Pillar 31 49 Fire A growing Flame Pillar swallows an enemy.
Moon Sign "Silent Selene" 34 59 Light A lunar display of moonlight. Inflicts Light damage and Stun.
Magic Boost 40 80 N/A Increases Patchouli's intelligence to 150% but decreases her physical defense to 75%.
Burden 42 78 N/A STR down to all enemies.
Aero Slicer 46 84 Wind Patchouli unleashes a blade made of wind that cuts a target. Inflicts Mute and Wound.
Atrophy 48 87 N/A Weakened to all enemies.
Earth Sign "Gaia's Breath" 51 110 Earth Patchouli causes the ground to shake until it cracks open, harming all enemies. Inflicts DEX -.
Moon Sign "Luna Shower" 55 179 N/A Patchouli calls upon the power of the Moon to strengthen her body, granting her Vigor +.
Sun Sign "Royal Flare" 60 127 Fire Patchouli creates a small sun that explodes, damaging all enemies. Causes Blind, Weakened & INT Down.
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