The Kappa engineer Nitori Kawashiro, is a three-time boss and recruitable character. Her main role is a damage dealer and sometimes healer.


After Nitori is defeated, collecting two Large Springs (Muenzuka and the Path to Makai), a Generator (Muenzuka), and a Pack of Cucumbers (Can be purchased at the Road of Liminality). Giving them to her makes her recruitable.


Weapon Description Stats and Effects Price
Nitori's Drill A drill built by Nitori. Be careful, it's bit is very pointy! 90 ATK, 5 STR and DEX Cannot be sold
Naginata A pole weapon used by the samurai class of feudal Japan. 115 ATK 5000
Trident of Poseidon The trident that apparently belonged to Poseidon. 130 ATK, 20 MDEF, STR, and DEX, 10 INT, inflicts Water damage Cannot be sold
Huge Drill A drill of an impressive size and weight. May inflict Wound. 120 ATK, 10 STR and DEX, can inflict Wound 7000
Green Dragon Crescent Blade A legendary polearm covered by a layer of frozen blood. Deals ice damage and may inflict Wound. 140 ATK, 10 PDEF, 15 MDEF and STR, 5 DEX and AGI, can inflict Wound Cannot be sold
Gungnir The mighty spear of the king of the Æsir. Inflicts Light damage. 140 ATK, 10 PDEF, MDEF, and STR, 5 DEX, AGI, and INT, inflicts Light damage Cannot be sold
High-Tech Drill A huge drill that comes with different settings to drill stuff better! May Inflict Wound. 150 ATK, 20 STR, 30 DEX, -5 AGI, can inflict Wound 10000
Death's Scythe A scythe said to belong to the Grim Reaper. Inflicts Dark damage and may inflict Instant KO. 160 ATK, 25 STR & DEX, -25 AGI & INT Cannot be sold


Skill Level Unlocked SP Cost Element Description
Water Missile Volley - 21 Water Nitori unleashes several water missiles on one enemy.
Squall - 32 Water and Ice Nitori releases cold rain on the enemy party. Inflicts Ice and Water damage.
Repair Ray - 40 Heal Repairs HP for Party.
Earth-Shattering Smash 35 51 Earth Punch the ground so hard it breaks the ground! Inflicts Earth damage and Stun.
Painful Drill 42 68 None Nitori uses a huge drill to hit an opponent! May inflict Knockout.
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