Youkai Mountain's most famous patrol, Momiji Inubashiri, is a two-time boss (Lower and Middle Youkai Mountain) and a recruitable character, while also being the way into certain residences of the Tengu Village. Her first goal was originally to take the Outsider by force to the Great Tengu, but changes as she is defeated. She takes the role of a damage dealer and self-defensive character.


Upon discovering the Tengu Village and playing out the events that happen there, Momiji will be in her place of residence ready to be recruited.


Weapon Description Stats and Effects Price
Steel Sword A reliable sword that has a very durable and sharp blade. 40 ATK 400
Enchanted Rapier A rather "cool" rapier enchanted with the power of ice. 50 ATK, inflicts Ice damage 1800
Silver Rapier A rapier with a silver blade. 60 ATK 850
Enchanted Blade A sword that has been enhanced with magic. 68 ATK, 5 DEX, 10 INT 850
Precieuse A beautiful sword that was named by it's owner, Baligant, the Saracen king 85 ATK, 5 MDEF, 8 STR, 10 DEX and AGI Cannot be sold
Wood Sword A sword made of wood. Not particularly suited for combat. 20 ATK 50
Hrunting A magical sword given to Beowulf by Unferth. It's blade is coated with venom. 95 ATK, 5 PDEF, MDEF, STR, DEX, and AGI, 10 INT Cannot be sold
Momiji's Sword A sword that was masterfully crafted. Wielded by Momiji. 97 ATK Cannot be sold
Muramasa A powerful blade that thirsts for blood. Inflicts Dark damage and may inflict Wound. 105 ATK, 15 DEX and AGI, inflicts Dark damage Cannot be sold
Joyeuse Joyeuse is the name tradition attributed to Charlemagne's personal sword. (Light) 120 ATK, 5 PDEF, 10 MDEF, STR, AGI, and INT, 15 DEX, inflicts Light damage Cannot be sold
Glowing Saber Apparently has an advantage over certain opponents. May inflict DEF down. 125 ATK, 10 PDEF, MDEF, and AGI, 5 DEX, can lower DEF 10000
Galatine The shadow of Excalibur's light. Given to Gawain by the Lady of the Lake. Inflicts Light damage. 145 ATK, 10 PDEF, MDEF, STR, and DEX, 5 AGI and INT Cannot be sold
Excalibur The legendary sword of King Arthur. A powerful light surrounds the blade. Inflicts Light damage. 155 ATK, 20 PDEF, MDEF, and STR, 10 DEX and AGI, 15 INT, inflicts Light damage Cannot be sold
Dark (Fake) Seven Stars Sword A sword someone commissioned to a karakasa-obake. A dark mockery of the Seven-Star Sword. 150 ATK, 40 STR Cannot be sold
Tizona One of the swords once carried by El Cid. Inflicts Terror on unworthy opponents. 155 ATK, 15 PDEF, 20 MDEF, 30 STR, 10 DEX, 5 AGI & INT Cannot be sold


Skill Level Unlocked SP Cost Element Description
Inubashiri Shot - 32 Danmaku Momiji unleashes a rapid succession of danmaku projectiles.
Shadow Cut - 40 Dark Momiji emerges from a dark area and inflicts damage on all enemies. May inflict Wound.
Battle Cry 40 100 N/A Momiji lets out a battle cry that increases her stats by 125% but the SP cost is rather high...
Intimidating Shout 50 65 None Momiji let's out a loud shout that frightens her opponents. May inflict Terror. (Hits all)
Dog Sign "Rabies Bite" 55 51 Danmaku Momiji's favorite way of chasing intruders away. Deals danmaku damage.
Guardian Sign "Meta Guard" 60 250 N/A Momiji's defenses are doubled and she gains resistance to all elements for three turns.
No Weapon Momiji Smile

Alternate portrait

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