The Forest of Magic is an area within the game to the West of Kourindou after meeting Rinnosuke Morichika. Marisa Kirisame, Alice Margatroid, and the Three Mischievous Fairies can be found here at their respective houses.


To the Northeast is Misty Lake.

To the far West is Muenzuka. Just a little East of the blue dot to Muenzuka is the Three Mischievous Fairies Treehouse.

Due to the sheer size of the forest, the map has been split into 2 parts to save space and accommodate FANDOM's size limit and stay at a high enough resolution.

The green dot on the first map leads to the second map on its green dot.

The second map will have a wrap around using red dots to save space. The blue dot leads to Muenzuka.

Marisa's House and Alice's House can be found here, the latter having a boss fight when you enter the area.

Treasure Chests

There are 28 treasure chests in the area, not including the locations of the three fairies that need to be visited to encounter them at their treehouse.

Chest # Item
1 Enchanted Rapier
2 Note that says "Frogs are your friends"
3 Strawberry
4 500 Yen
5 3 Apples
6 Silver String
7 Sunflower
8 2 Cups of Tea
9 Magic Tunic
10 Blue Ring
11 1500 Yen
12 Seed of Power
13 Magatama
14 2000 Yen
15 2 Fresh Sushi
16 Sunflower
17 Strawberry
18 Note that says "To weaken the

invincible, get rid of its friends."

-Note: Chest was moved up from its previous location.

19 Red Ring
20 Cracked Shield
21 Note that says "You can have the

books or the library, but not both..."

22 Iron Bracelet
23 Empty
24 Green Ring
25 Silver Wand
26 Bento Box
27 Empty
28 2000 Yen
F One of three fairies


Boss Encounters


There are 4 enemies.

Action Condition Effect
Defend 60% HP Halves damage taken for a turn


50% HP

Action Condition Effect
Tackle 50% HP Low damage, but can Stun

Action Condition Effect
Peck 55% HP Deals damage
Sharp Beak 50% HP Low damage, but can inflict Stun

Action Condition Effect
Sharp Tongue 50% HP Low damage, but can lower DEF
Darkness 45% HP Inflicts Dark damage with chance of Blindness

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