Chen's Cats

Since you'll be exploring Gensokyo... Could you help me with finding them?

To the upperleft corner of the exterior of the Yakumo Household, Chen is walking around looking for her cats. Speaking to her explains to the Outsider that they ran off, and she can't seem to find them. The cats located around early-game Gensokyo will now return to her upon meeting with them.


After meeting Ran, Yukari, and Aya at the beginning of the game, and starting the journey, Chen can be met at any time afterwards to receive the quest.


After finding all 9 cats, Chen will thank the Outsider and offer her assistence, making her recruitable.


There are 9 to find in the following areas:

Most are located around the roads, but one is located inside of a chest. The quest can be turned in after finding all 9 cats.

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