The black star leads to Abyss (Entrance).

At the end of the map, the white dot sends the player back to where the teleportation crystal is located.

Treasure Chests

Chest # Items
1 Bottle of Pear Juice x5
2 Heavy Axe
3 Glowing String
4 Glowing Flintlock Pistol
5 Empty
6 Empty
7 Magnificent Umbrella
8 10000 Yen
Red dot Crystal. Allows to learn skills:

Hina - Catastrophe

Boss Encounters

Shingyoku (Encountered in the room with the crystal)


Abyss (Fire) Final-0

(A colored line [excluding the purple lines] indicates that area is blocked off by spikes. The specific required switch to deactivate them is marked with colored triangles.)

(On a specific area, spikes are acting as walls, and that particular area is using Event Tile viewing for sake of understanding the map. The hint to pass through is marked with a green square. After the boss fight is completed, the player will just directly teleport to the other side.)

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